Kafkas | short film |  dir. Nick Blake 
In the small hours of the night, Fran cold-calls men in search of a soulmate called Kafka.
Massachusetts, 1987. Fran is a college-educated bag of nerves with a head full of philosophy and an unhealthy obsession with Franz Kafka. In the late hours of the night she cold-calls men across America who have the surname Kafka in hope of finding her soulmate. But the Kafkas of her day are more interested in phone sex than philosophy and, as the night wears on, rejection after rejection take their toll. Fantasy begins to merge with reality and Fran’s fragile mental state threatens to collapse like a house of cards.
Based on the Short Story by Marianne Wiggins, Kafkas is a tragicomic tale of paranoid agoraphobia with a twist of Kafkaesque noir.